Sunday, November 25, 2007

Why does Genesis say "OUR image"?

Greetings from one of your subscribers,

I wanted to ask you a question...a little background to this question being that I'm Jewish and i have this certain person I argue with that is attempting to have me believe in Jesus and such(him trying to save me, yada yada yada)
Would you happen to know why genesis 1:26-27, god says let US, as if he is a plural (in hebrew it being Na-A-Se)?
Your answer would be greatly appreciated.

Answe-if that person suggests its because of thge trinity that is just absurd. If God wanted to say the trinity, God would have. Just like thy think the Hebrew Bible predicts jesus. if it wanted to predict Jesus, it would have named him. Watch my series on jews not for Jesus.

On this question OUR is one of several things
1. angels
2. Just God talking like a MKing-who used roayal we
3. the animals since humans are 1/2 animal; 1/2 spritual

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