Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Note from video viewer

Hi Rabbi,

Just to let you know, my plan is to make it through every Jew U video you have (I'm up to 100!), however, I have not yet come across anything that can answer my question--perhaps it's not worthy of a video, but I could really use an answer!

I am going to attend a Shabbat dinner at a Lubovitch rabbi's house (!!) and I need some help...
You must understand that Shabbat dinner for me growing up was basically: show up at appointed time. Mom lights candles and benches lecht (spelling?), man will say the blessings for the wine and bread (first line only??). We chow down and then everyone runs off to do their thing. Without a doubt, this is NOT what will happen at the Rabbi's place.

What I hope to get from you, Rabbi, is a quick run-down of what I can expect from dinner Chez Rabbi, as well as a recommendation of what would be appropriate to bring as an invited guest (kosher wine, candies, flowers?) and any dos or don'ts you can come up with.
(ok, at this point, you probably don't even believe I am Jewish! haha) Actually, I am strongly rooted in my Jewish identity--it's the observance part that I have not got a handle on yet. Working on it. Dinner with the Rabbi is probably as good a place to start as any!
Can you assist so that I won't make an idiot of myself?

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