Sunday, November 18, 2007

Find out who you really are

"For genome, swab cheek and cut check
November 18, 2007
NEW YORK - The revolution in human genomics is about to hit the street, at least for those able to pay about $1,000 for a glance at their entire genome.

The Icelandic company Decode Genetics announced Friday a service called deCODEme, which will assess a person's genome for disease risk, traits like eye color, and ancestral origins. Subscribers have to send in a scraping of cells from inside the cheek and a check for $985.

Genetic counselors worry that some people may find the information hard to handle."

The full account in the NY Times had a reporter report she did it and all the stuff she found-predisposition for this and that. Now we just need it for our souls. Yom Kippor on a swab.

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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