Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Conversion request

Hello Rabbi

Please excuse my form of address, if it is
inappropriate, I know very little about the language
or customs of Judaism.

I have been looking over many of the fascinating video
clips you have posted on YouTube. Thank you for taking
the time and considerable efforts to explain in terms
a non-jew would understand, the various rites,
attitudes and even the humour of the Jewish faith.

Having thought long and hard over the past few months
about my own faith, I have decided that conversion to
Judaism is a very real option, and a step I am
prepared to take. I was raised Church of England
(protestant) but have not been actively involved in
religion or attending church for the past twenty five
years or more.

I found your video on conversion very informative, and
have a couple of questions I hope you have the time to

Firstly, I work at a job where I am required to work
on a rota of days, including Saturdays. Will this be
permitted if I were to convert to Judaism ?

Secondly, you touched on the matter of converts being
married to non-jews. I don’t have a significant
partner, however, I am gay. Is it likely that I will
find it difficult to convince a Rabbi to convert me,
given that in my experience, many Jews still consider
homosexuality a sin against G_d ?

Finally, as you can probably tell from my email
address, I live in the UK. I have looked online,
but cannot find any references to conversion courses
in my area. I don’t expect you to know of any,
personally. However, you might be able to point me in
the right direction, as it were.

Thanking you for your time in reading this, I look
forward to any reply you can give. Thank you again for
the videos, they are well worth the effort you clearly
put into them.


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