Saturday, November 24, 2007

Question about the Conservative Movement in Israel.

Recently a cousin of a friend of mine got married. He (the cousin) is a conservative Jew and he married a Canadian conservative Jew. They were married in Israel. Her Father is a conservative Rabbi.

Firstly, the conservative rabbis were very keen on getting more sabras (natural born Israelis) to become conservative. Why is this being done so .. how shall I say? Without strong drive? Many Israelis have barely heard of Conservative Judaism. My friend’s cousin was a conservative Jew and it’s only recently she even found out what that means! Why is there not a MUCH stronger push by the conservative movement to become recognized on a more grassroots level even if relations with the state (in terms of power-sharing between denominations) is not fair?

They are trying with Tali schools etc but its tough going. The state political dynamics are suchg the government will not finance non_Orthodox but discriminate by funding Orthodox.

Secondly, during that Wedding a number of them drove home on Shabbat (the wedding was Friday I guess). How common is this of conservative Jews?
almost 100%-our Law committee permits it.


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