Monday, November 26, 2007

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky today

A small group of Rabbis met with Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, who serves our district. She told us she was recently appointed to the House Intelligence Committee that overseas the 15 agencies, including CIA, FBI, NSA etc. She talked about the Congressional Jewish delegation, her view to Iran (no evidence leading to bombing now), the Annapolis talks (low expectations-maybe a joint statement), Iraq (costs $10 billion a month, was very pro Israel, very anti-Bush, as expected. She is co-chair of the Obama campaign for President and got many questions about his views-including President Carter appointed Brezinski as his national security adviser, and Brezinski being, supposedly, a top advisor to Obama. We met at KINS on Californoa. The Rabbi there told us they were expecting 1000 Orthodox Jews tonight to recite psalms on behalf of Israel because of the Annapolis talks. Above are a couple of my 12 videos on Israel.

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