Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Covenant in the prophets?

1st post.Can you please tell me what Jeremiah 31:31-34 says in a Hebrew published Tanuch (Artscroll preferred). I already know what the KJV says as well as other Gentile published scriptures say. But I'm interested in what the Jewish original script says. Is their any difference?

2nd post. Thank you...
However, I believe the NIV was published by Gentiles as well...
I was seeking possibly a Rashi or an Artscroll translation (ANYTHING JEWISH).
Let me explain...
I am a missionary here in China.
As I study scripture in depth, the more I am finding out certain things have been changed by Gentiles and I am starting to be a bit concerned.
The reason I am asking for this specific scripture is because (to my understanding) the original Hebrew scripture DOES NOT say anything about a NEW COVENANT that will be with the house of Israel. So I thought it would be best to seek out a Rabbi (........and there aren't to many Jews here in China).

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