Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pro Zion latest from Richard Baehr

1 My article today on settlements and the "occupation"

2. Caroline Glick and Dore Gold on Annapolis

3. An interview with John Bolton

4. And another one with Bolton and Natan Sharansky

5. Get sterilized so you can save the planet. The new eco warriors
who think babies are not carbon neutral. Hey even Al Gore had 4 kids,
and heats and air conditions a 25,000 square foot house. But he buys
carbon credits to cover his misdeeds

6. Nidra Poller on the Al Dura case

7. Robert Kagan on Musharraf's game

8. Yossi Melman with a theory on the bombing in Syria

9. Anthony Cordesman plays Dr. Strangelove, or at least a modern day
version of Herman Kahn and estimates the death count from an Israel
Iran nuclear war

10. A mixed bag from Turkey

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