Monday, November 26, 2007

Annapolis, The surge, from Richard Baehr

Subject: Annapolis overload

1. Those seeking a rational reason for the US effort to kick start a peace process that can lead nowhere, but could endanger both the US and Israeli interests by demonstrating weakness to our enemies, may, repeat, may, feel a bit better after reading these two articles. They suggest the conference is not so much about the Israeli Palestinian negotiations , which are grounded, as in reasserting US primacy in the region. I would like to believe this is all that is going on, but I don't. I think these events build a momentum of their own.,7340,L-3475530,00.html

2. Plenty of skeptics remain, including the incomparable Bernard Lewis. the 3rd and 4th articles below deal with real security issues which would accompany any Israeli territorial concessions or easing of Wset Bank roadblocks.

3. Hizbollah says any new Lebanese government must be committed to fighting Israel. Hamas is committed to stepping up attacks . And the Arabs say this conference is not about normalizing relations with Israel. So if the radicals want more war and terror, and the "moderate" Arabs still do not think Israel is permanent , what does Israel gain from this charade?

4, Mark Steyn looks at the Presidential field. And how did Hilary Clinton spend her summer during law school before her need to triangulate to get elected?

5. The Democrats' failed surge against the surge. And Amir Tehari takes a balanced look at the situation in Iraq

6. Our friends, the Saudis

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