Saturday, November 24, 2007

Where to get kosher meat?

we have asked around and the only place to buy any kosher meats is at a grocery two hours drive from here. We also heard that selection is very limited. There are extremely limited things in our groceries, like matzo ball mix, etc. There are no kosher restaurants or delis. The Jewish population here is just so small, the grocers say there is not enough demand. We have given up pork and shellfish. I'm not sure how observant one is able to be in this area, and we are not sure what to do about it.

Answer:There are many levels of kosher eating. First step is what you have done. Ask the rabbi if there are any other kosher families and what they do for meat. I found there are nationwide deliveries like

google deliver kosher food and see what you find. Options in between are: eat vegy, fish etc. Your rabbi is Reform so he might not be too enthusiastic about kosher, but I am. But only a small percent of non-Orthodox keep kosher. Maybe 25% Conservative have kosher homes. Its worth it!!

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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