Post conversion study course

Post Conversion study program

Jewish learning should be life long. This course is designed for those who completed an Introduction to Judaism and want to sharpen their skills. It will give you the opportunity to learn many skills and attain knowledge more advanced than what you now, and m ore than virtually all non Orthodox Jewish adults. For those who converted and did not take our gterrific course, we offer it free as additonal learning to those who purchase our more advanced course.
Cost of the course $250. + optional $75 for Rabbis Manual
This course, includes the following topics: 1. Our top 7 book suggestions for comprehensive knowledge 2. Jewish Leadership/para Rabbi curriculum, It is up to you how many fo the topics you want to learn. We will provide materila to teach them all. 
1. Conduct a Jewish funeral
2. Conduct a hospital visit
3. Prepare and deliver a d’var Torah
4. Conduct a Shiva minyan
5. Conduct an unveiling
6. Lead a Passover seder
7. Conduct a baby naming and co-officiate with Mohel at a Brit Milah
8. Lead Birkat Hamazone
9. Make Kiddush for Shabbat meals
10. Lead Havdalah
11. Prepare lead and a Torah study
12. Have an aliyah to the Torah
13. Organize and lead Havurot
14. Preside at a Mezuzah affixing ceremony
15. Know bracha for putting on a Tallit
16. Know traditional Jewish songs
17. Know blessings and basic prayer melodies
18. Know how to lay T’fillin
19. Complete 100 Question test of Jewish knowledge
22. Lead Kabbalat and Erev Shabbat services
23. Fluent Hebrew reading ability
24. Knowledge Basic tunes for Torah and haftarah chanting
25. Lead Shabbat morning services
26. Know basic ashkenazic melody for shabbat mincha
27. Know basic hallel melody

You will be sent a detailed curriculum of what is exactly expected at each step.
If you did not submit an enrollment form for our conversion course., please fill this out and email it back to
 Enrollment form
Hebrew name
Jewish denominational affiliation if you have one
Street Address___________________________________City_______________Zip__________
Date of Birth_____________ Tel._______________________ E-mail_______________________

Present synagogue affiliation______________________________________________________
How did you learn about the program?_______________________________________________
Explain your interest in Judaism_______________________________________________________

What is your Hebrew ability? reading? Comprehension? Understanding?

Describe your Jewish learning background? Bible? Talmud? Law? Customs?

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