Thursday, November 8, 2007

Can't get to a synagogue nthis Shabbat? We'll bring it to you


Shabbat Services

Kabbalat Shabbat
On Jewtube videos Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbat Service part 1
Shabbat Maariv service part 2 of Kabbalat of 2
For the sermon see the appropriate youtube video on this week's parsha all listed at page video university section 9 on Torah portions
This week

Shabbat Morning
parts of the service currently on youtube video
Shma first and last paragraphs sung JewU 149
Ashrei psalm 145 sung Jewu 262
Half and Full Kaddish sung Jewu 237
Sing the weekday and Shabbat amidah beginning jewu 251


To hear the Torah or Haftarah portion chanted, or to read it in hebrew or english, go to Click on English, then either Torah or Haftarah, then the Torah book we are currently reading reading. THIS WEEK click Genesis
Then click on the specific portion of the week. This week click Toldot
If you want to hear the whole portion chanted in traditional cantillation, click on the horn at the top. If you want a verse at a time, click on the horn next to the verse.

Shabbat Musaf Kedusha JewU 263
Jewish Healing Prayer Jewu 217
For the sermon
see the appropriate JEWTUBE video on this week's parsha This week
Parsha Toldot Isaac Genesis 25 erabbi255

Youtube videos:
Mourner's kaddish how to say it JewU 139
Final prayers: ein kelohenu, alenu, adon olam sung Jewu 232
For Saturday night
Sabbath Kiddush sanctification and havdalah ceremonies chant

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