Monday, September 29, 2014

Yom Kippur?

what is yom Kippur about?
1.Lady went 900 miles wrong direction. The woman only wanted to go about 90 miles from her hometown of Hainault Erquelinnes, Belgium, to pick up a friend at the Brussels train station. Her GPS device sent her about 900 miles to the south before (during the second day of driving) she realized that something was amiss. It's unclear if she entered the address incorrectly or if the GPS was faulty.Discovery explains that the driver, Sabine Moreau, stopped twice for gas, slept on the side of the road, and "even suffered a minor car accident" along the way. She told El Mundo that she wasn't paying attention.I was distracted, so I kept driving. I saw all kinds of traffic signs, first in French, then German and finally in Croatian, but I kept driving because I was distracted. Suddenly I appeared in Zagreb and I realized I wasn't in Belgium anymore.The lesson here: If you start seeing road signs in (multiple) foreign languages, pull over. You're probably going the wrong way. Yom Kippur is about making sure our gps coordinates are correct. The word for sin chet means missing the mark.
2. Ever get a virus in your computer or body? Tough to get rid of. Need to to operate efficiently and well. We get viruses of the soul. Yom Kippur is thr antiviral medicine to help us get rid of them.
3. Shipwrecked guy floating on ocean. No fresh water. dies. One survivor makes it. When rescued he was told the last day they had drifted into river with fresh water and the life sustaining force was all around, could have saved other guy if he had reached out and drunk it in.
4. Woman accidentally joins search party looking for herself
A missing woman on vacation in Iceland managed to unwittingly join a search party looking for herself.
Toronto Sun reports that a tourist group traveling by bus to the volcanic Eldgja canyon made a pit stop near the canyon park. The woman in question went inside to freshen up and change her clothes at the rest stop, and when she came back “her busmates didn’t recognize her.”
Word spread among the group of a missing passenger, and the woman didn’t recognize the description of herself. Next thing you know, a 50-person search party was canvassing the area, and the coast guard was mobilizing to deploy a search party of its own.
About 3am, some genius in the group finally figured out that the missing woman was actually in the search party, albeit in different clothes, and the search was called off.
No word on what kind of wardrobe was involved in this woman’s “freshening up.” But her sense of self-image must be way out of whack to join a search party until 3am without even suspecting for a minute that the woman in the description bore some resemblance to herself.

We are in a searxch party with God searching for our selves.Al chet and ashamnu help us find it

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