Friday, September 12, 2014

Surprise: Hamas commits war crimes

Surprise: Hamas commits war crimes:
Evidence Growing that Hamas Used Residential Areas as Cover for Firing Rockets at Israel
Two weeks after the end of the Gaza war, there is growing evidence that Hamas militants used residential areas as cover for launching rockets at Israel. Ahead of a UN investigation, the Israeli military has released reams of evidence, including satellite photos and aerial footage, to support its claims that it acted responsibly and attempted to minimize Palestinian casualties.
    Throughout the war, the Israeli air force compiled dozens of video clips showing rockets flying out of residential neighborhoods, cemeteries, schoolyards and mosque courtyards. There are also images of weapons caches uncovered inside mosques.
    During the fighting, many observers witnessed rocket launches from urban areas. One video distributed by AP captured a launch in downtown Gaza City that took place in a lot next to a mosque and an office of the Hamas prime minister. "I don't think there's any doubt urban areas were used to launch rockets from the Gaza Strip," said Bill Van Esveld, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch. (AP-Washington Post)s. Of course they used Hillary Clinton's excuse for them "cramped quarters"

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