Friday, September 19, 2014

terrorist college youth group

The student terrorists college youth groups, called Muslim Student Assciation and Students for Justice in Palestine are giving us a Rosh Hashanah present,  Protest Anti-Semitic "Int'l Day of Action on College Campuses"Tuesday, September 23rd - on the eve of the Jewish New Year.
Anyone working with them or supporting them are aiding and abetting terrorism and death to Jews and the free world.

Muslim Student association and Students for Justice in Palestine is an EVIL, Monstrous group. Fight them everywhere,

Muslim Student Association are terrorist supporters. With nearly 600 chapters -- including roughly 150 affiliated chapters -- located in the United States and Canada,the Muslim Students Association (MSA) is the most visible and influential Islamic student organization in North America. As reflected in the extensive information presented in this dossier, MSA has gained legitimacy on American campuses as a benevolent collegiate faith club; however, under this moderate veneer MSA advances a different agenda among impressionable college students. Through conferences and events, publications, websites and other activities, MSA has disseminated and promoted militant Islamic ideologies on college and universitycampuses throughout North America. This dossier is on MSA-National as well as the numerous chapters of MSA formally affiliated with MSA-National.
The Muslim Students Association (MSA) of the United States and Canada was incorporated in January 1963, when members of the Muslim Brotherhood came together at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with the goal of “spreading Islam as students in North America.”
The Moral Psychosis of Demonstrating in Support of Hamas
"That pro-Palestinian student activists, those who purport to be motivated by a desire to bring “justice” to the Middle East, could publicly call for the renewed slaughter of Jews in the name of Palestinian self-determination demonstrates quite clearly how ideologically debased the human rights movement has become. Activists on and off U.S. campuses, who never have to face a physical threat more serious than getting jostled while waiting in line for a latte at Starbucks, are quick to denounce Israel’s very real existential threats and the necessity of the Jewish state to take counter measures to thwart terrorism."
STUDENTS FORE JUSTICE IN PALESTINE: Jewish Voices for peace and JStreet: Using our good and trusting nature to spread lies and destruction to the one Democracy in the Middle East.

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