Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the meaning of 9-11

Why is 9-11 (tomorrow) such a big deal for Islamic terrorists? It did not start in 2001. Benghazzi was also 9-11. It started 1683. 300,000 Ottomon Turks tried to recapture Vienna on the way to reconquering Rome and Europe, as isis says it want stop do today. It is deep seated Islamic theology to never stop trying to recover land once dominated by Islam. they will NEVER stop trying in Europe and Israel. There is also the Sunni vs shiite factor involved. in 1683, the Muslims lost.  A Polish-Austrian-Bavarian army under the leadership of King John Sobieski III of Poland raised the Ottoman Turk siege of Vienna,routing the Turkish army in the process. The victory ended the last serious Ottoman Turk invasion of Europe. Now they are fighting far more subtly. An invasion by immigration.
Let's hope to get safely through tomorrow. i know people are worried about those Libyan commercial jetliners stolen (Senator Kirk Illinois just mentioned it) as well as the NFL Thursday night game etc. Wish we had a president who was wanting to wage war against all terrorism, not: aid and abet Muslim Brotherhood, hold secret talks with Hamas, pretend Al quida was vanquished when it is flourishing, freeing isis leader Bagdadi in2009 when US had him, trading away 5 more Bagdadis for the alleged deserter Bergdall, do nothing about Isis for a year, plan on abandoning Afghanistan soon to the Taliban etc. His policies and world view of appeasing terror  will plague us for decades to come.

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