Sunday, August 24, 2014

the signficance of the date 9-11

I have not seen this but it makes sense. Why 9-11 2001,? Why was Benghazzi on 9-11? In 1683, on Sept.11, a force of 300,000 Muslims from Istanbul attacked Vienna and hoped to destroy Vienna and then march to Rome. They were opposed by a much much smaller force of Catholics, led by the Polish king and a monk. The Ottomon general said this day will be remembered in history. The Muslims miraculously lost. The monk told the troops they were fighting for their families, for their faith, for their civilization. They will never give up trying to take Europe. They believe it is theirs, as well as Israel, since Muslims ruled it before. This is a NEVER ending battle with islam. They will NEVER give up. Gird our loins. Obama will be gone eventually. Keep up the pressure with our congress so they understand. Hopefully Europe will wake up in time. Fight the agents who have taken the side of evil or are too stupid or pc to understand. . Nowadays Students for Justice in Palestine, J Sreet, New York times, Time magazine etc. arer part of this band of those undermoining the struggle. 97% of Israelis get it. Many in Congress get it. Canadian leadership gets it. Even some muslims understand now is not the time for them (Egyptian government, saudis etc). This is a war for our preservation.

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