Sunday, August 10, 2014

Israel's only news agency

Please help publicize this crucial organizational, non government ONLY Israel news agency. TAZPIT While CAMERA and Honest Reporting correct mistaken news stories days or weeks later, Tazpit, 2 years old and a total of 4 employees, is the ONLY Israel news service (Like AP, Reuters and 9 PALESTINIAN Agencies) to help provide the truth and counter the LIES of Palestinians, and Israeli radical anti Israel groups like  Tazpit  send stories out in 10 languages with pictures and videos the day it happens. This is a crucial battlefront too. They take CNN, NPR etc reporters out and try and give them balance to the wining and dining and free services offered by the palestinian news services. This is from their website.
Tazpit Press Service (TPS) provides comprehensive media services for the international news community, addressing all facets of journalism and media coverage in Israel, allowing for the swiftest, most accurate, and most interesting reporting. They would be a great source for your tzeddakah. They should definately get the support of pro Israel Jews and Christians. They are vastly understaffed and doing heroic and crucial work, They have 200 volunteers in Israel running around with cameras to capture the truth and premempt the staged lying twisted reports from pro terror groups but their 4 pros have to check every fact and they can't do enough or fast enough.

They need to speak to large church groups, synagogues, pro jewish organizations (someone get them to CUFI next summer)

· Tazpit News Agency – the only Israeli News Agency - provides the most up-to-date and all-inclusive news reports and materials from and about Israel, including articles covering a wide range of topics, photos and videos.
· Foreign Press Services – offering the foreign press an extensive package of services and networking information.
Summer Internship Program – Future journalists

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