Friday, August 8, 2014

All civilian deaths responsibility of Hamas

All civilian deaths responsibility of Hamas
a. Cannot believe any statistics they quote about civilian deaths. They lie and lie and terrify reporters from telling the truth
b. They faked several supposed “civilian strikes” by bring bodies into buildings.
c. If they had not shot 3700 missiles in one month at civilian targets in Israel, or used International aid and Israeli cement to build terror tunnels, no civilian casualties...
d. If they would have not broken any one of the 7 cease fires they broke, any death after that would not have occurred
e. if they had not hidden behind their women and children, and forced people to be human shields, there would have been very few civilian deaths
f. They are the same type of monster as ISIS, Moslem Brotherhood, Al-Qaida, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah. Israel is fighting for you!

"Hishyar Kêstey "I am a kurd and want to stress; 500 kurdish yezidi girls abducted on sunday sent to jihadists to be sex slaves, 2000 men killed, 300 000 kurdish yezidis displaced and 40 000 stranded on mount shengal for 6 days now with no food and water, over 100 kids died of dehydration, this did not make it to news until last night because the whole world have been to busy showing the support for Hamas terrorists on their tv screens! Very unfair and unfortunate"

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