Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hamas fires rockets

Hamas Cannot Be Easily Deterred - David Horovitz
As rocket fire on Tuesday marked the latest in a string of Hamas truce violations, the notion that some kind of lasting arrangement was soon to emerge from the indirect negotiations in Cairo was again rudely shattered. Netanyahu is not about to approve a deal that gives Hamas any remotely significant diplomatic reward for firing 3,500 rockets at Israel and building an elaborate cross-border attack tunnel network.
    Hamas lost dozens of its tunnels, and perhaps 1,000 of its gunmen, and pleaded for a cease-fire, apparently believing it could negotiate a diplomatic resolution more satisfactory than the military face-off had yielded. But most of its elite fighters are still alive, and it still has thousands of rockets, and is capable of manufacturing more in mid-conflict.
    Hamas is not seeking freedom for the people of Gaza when it demands the "lifting of the siege," a seaport and an airport. Rather, it is seeking the capacity to further its goal of wiping out Israel by getting all the restrictions lifted on its capacity to build a still nastier war machine. But only if Hamas believes its survival is in danger will it call a long-term halt to the fire. And that would require a far more significant military operation. (Times of Israel)

Israel is fighting EVIL PALESTINIANS on behalf of all of Western civilization.
The BDS Divestment groups on campus are defending EVIL! Sjp Students For Justice in Palestine is a group defending those who advocate genocide and killing every Jew, sending 10000 missiles at civilians, deny their women and gays rights, kill political opponents, teach children in school to hate and kill. It is a totally immoral reprehensible organization organizing divestment movements vs companies doing business with Israel's efforts to defend itself vs the barbarians. Anyone you know in SJP is a monster or being duped by monsters. Le tthem know the TRUTH! If they sincerely want peace

Morally despicable Hamas/Palestinian society examples
1.     Hamas is a despicable terrorist group advocating genocide
A.   Hamas, an official part of Palestinian govt. has a charter which calls for death of Jews  and destruction of Israel WARCRIME
B.    Hamas Palestinians use human shields to encourage civilian casualties and shoot missiles from hospitals and mosques  WAR CRIME
C.    Hamas Palestinians sends thousands of missiles at indiscriminant targets aimed to kill as many Jews as possible WAR CRIMES. Every civilian death is Hamas’ fault for sending the missiles in first place. Richard Kemp, former commander of British Troops in Afghanistan and a senior military adviser to the British government, said the following: “I don’t think there has ever been a time in the history of warfare where any army has made more efforts to reduce civilian casualties and deaths of civilians than the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) is doing today in Gaza.”
D.   Hamas Nuclear terrorism-sent missiles to Dimona to try and strike nuclear facility WAR CRIMES
E.    Hamas WARCRIME wears Israeli uniforms to try and terrorize and kill
F.    Hamas uses animals to suicide detonate bombs ANIMAL ABUSE
G.   Tortures and kills domestic political opponents
H.   Has no political or religious freedom and has no freedom of ‎speech, press, or assembly, and no independent judiciary.‎
I.     Rated a 6 by Freedom House in its 2013 report on freedom ‎in the world. Seven is the worst possible rating. Hamas ranks ‎‎6 in freedom, 6 in civil liberties and 6 political rights.‎
J.    Destroy buildings and kill civilians to frame Israel. WAR CRIME
K.   Hamas terrorizes journalists into not reporting their abuses and killing or exiling any who do
L.    Hamas killed 160 of their own children building the tunnels
M.  Hamas executed the tunnel builders so they would not reveal any info

2. The Palestinian authority, supposedly the moderates, are equally as barbaric
  a. Palestinian mom wishes all her 10 sons would be suicide bombers
  b. Abbas routinely honors and praises terrorist murderers of Jews
  c. Fatah, in UNITY government with Hamas, is just as bad.
  d. the kidnap and murder of the 3 boys by Hamas was widely celebrated in Palestinian 
  e. Palestinian curriculum teaches 5 year olds songs about killing Jew CHILD ABUSE
 f. Saturates its education and airwaves with a demonic hatred ‎of Jews
g. They say no Jews will be allowed to live in a Palestinian state, places Jews have lived 4000 years
h. They refuse to acknowledge the right of Jews to have a Jewish state
i. Abbas’ PHD was on holocaust denial

3. Both are monsters:
 a. The survey asked about suicide bombing as a specific form of militant violence and found the highest support for it in the Middle East at 46 percent in Gaza and the West Bank,
b. Violently oppresses gays.
C. terrorize Christians and drive them out of their territory
d. Israel must exercise control over their borders, as EVERY sovereign nation does, or Palestinians import missiles and terror weapons to kill Jews

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