Sunday, August 21, 2011

Palestinians want to kill Jews-rockets hit a school

Once again proving its utter disregard for all human life, Hamas continued its indisciminate rocket fire into Israel today, striking a Beersheva school. The school was thankfully unoccupied due to summer vacation. That vacation is due to end in a few weeks. Had school been in session, the casualties may well have been horrific.

On Saturday night, Hamas succeeded in its attempts to murder Israeli civilians when a Grad rocket landed on a house in Beersheva, killing one and wounded several others. Two children, including a four-month-old baby, were wounded in the town of Ofakim.

Rockets have been falling steadily since a series of coordinated terrorist attacks on Thursday. The IDF has been responding with a series of retaliatory strikes, and the Jerusalem Post is currently reporting that the government is considering a ground offensive against the Gaza Strip.

However, the defense establishment has apparently already ruled out a major offensive operation. Air Force strikes resumed after a brief lull early Sunday afternoon.

Perhaps the only bright spot in recent days has been the relative success of the Iron Dome defense system. While it has not been 100 percent successful in indicting rockets fired at Israel, and it is not currently widely deployed, the IDF is apparently impressed with the system's success thus far.

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