Thursday, August 11, 2011

Analyzing the Republican debate

1. Anyone but Paul. What a dangerous man!!! His view of Iran being allowed to get nuclear weapons is mind boggling. Scary. He thinks they have every right to get nuclear weapons and he isn't even sure they want them.
2. Romney-still did not explain why Obama care is ok for Massachusetts but not the USA.
3. Sentorum-wanted to raise the debt ceiling. Made fun of the idea of cutting Medicare.
4. Pawlenty-no charisma. Attacks on Bachman were rude. President needs to have strong Bachbone like Bachman. He does have very good record though, except Cap and trade. "era of small govt is over"???
5. Gingrich-terrific. Sounded great. Love his views as articulated then
6. Bachman-she's terrific but missed opportunity to explain why her inability to prevail was ok. Its because her view is still minority but it is principled. Like Raegan. A strong leader can sway many.
7. Cain- strong on business. Hard to imagine man with no political experience can win.
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8. Huntsman way too liberal

Ticket for me Bachman and Gingrich-either one on top. Problem is probably not strongest ticket vs Obama

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