Monday, August 22, 2011

Not Arab Spring, Islamic ascendancy

From Newsmax magazine Sept 2011 issue article on Arab Spring
Obama Peace Chance with Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

"Today the MB is quietly gaining influence in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Jordan and Yemen....In Egypt the secular reformers, were routed 78-22% by advocates of the MB demand for quick elections that are certain to favor Islamists... What is happening in the region is an ISLAMIC ascendancy, not an Arab Spring....In Egypt alone, the MB has an estimated 100,000 members...If the MB appears in any way to be moderate, IT IS ONLY in comparison to other groups that are even worse. Already MB splinter groups are campainging openly...The MB may seem like unusual company for the Obama administration to keep diplomatically, but it is not alone. The British too.. James Brandon, head of resarch at the Quilliam Foundation, a think tank that studies extremnist movements, told the Jer. Post that diplomacy will only embolden the MB, which he called a "past master of using such engagement to further its own anti-Western agenda and sideline more liberal Muslim voices." McCarthy, who has witnessed first-hand the devestation wrought by radical islamists on US soil, tells Newsmax that while the MB has some tactical disagreements with al-Qaida, they both support terrorism. And they want Shariah implemented as the necessary precondition
to Islamicizing societies and ultimately uniting them under a global caliphate."

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