Monday, August 29, 2011

Iran quiz Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

I know I am way ahead of the curve and many think I'm crazy and worse ("war monger, monster, racist etc") but I see it so clearly and can't not say what I absolutely believe is the right cost, when everything is weighed. Before reading take this quiz.

Iran quiz

1. How soon will Iran posses nuclear bombs?

2. The Iran President says there was no Holocaust and Israel will be destroyed. Why should we not believe he means it? When he says he does not care if he loses half of Iran's population in a war because it would bring fort h the hidden 12 Imam, why don't we believe him?

3. Do you seriously believe after all these years, that any kind of sanctions will deter Iran from going ahead?

4. Even if our Navy destroyer off Iran's coat can shoot down 95% of Iran's missiles, and Israel in a few years could shoot down most of the rest, are you SO sure of technology and no human error that 0 nuclear bombs will get through?

5. Are you sure we can stop all dirty bombs from getting through cargo at US ports? Stop all Hezbollah suicide bombers with dirty bombs in the backpacks from crossing the Mexican border?

6. Iran has at least 27 sites, many deep underground. Israel has no b52s, is far away and has to cross much enemy territory. The US is also threatened by Iran, is right next door in Iraq, and is being begged by all the rest of the Arab states in Asia to stop Iran. Why should it not be the USA?

7. Even though there will be terrorism, mined gulf, increased oil prices for awhile, is that worse than Iran with nuclear bombs?

8. Many other Arab nations have said they want nuclear bombs if Iran gets them? Is that something the USA can live with?

9. name one issue in the world more important than this?

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