Monday, August 15, 2011

literally a light to the nations

While most westerners take for granted the lights that line our streets and highways at night, in many African countries a complete lack of street lighting on major streets makes it extremely dangerous to drive or walk the streets after sundown. To combat this problem, an Israeli company called Globe Light and Water Systems (GLW), has created an incredible light fixture operated exclusively by solar energy, “rather than on the government-run power plants, which often lose power,” the website recently reported. “The lighting units, called Orion, do not require any external connection to an electrical source, but rather incorporate all necessary components required to create light energy: sunlight, batteries, and LED lamps,” explained Zeev Jakoby, GLW’s Managing Director. “We believe that we contribute to a better world by giving countries a technology that enables access to such a basic service as light for everybody.”

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