Friday, December 28, 2007

US-Israel items by Richard Baehr

It appears that Ehud Olmert is agreeing to be raped by the US.
David Landau would be pleased. Shmuel Rosner (who is too good for
Haaretz) and Aluf Benn on American pressure ,and Condi's
resentments. It appears that Rice is upset with Israel, and carries
a grudge, because of the bombing of the apartment building at Q'ana
during the war in Lebanon, at the time she arrived in the region to
try to halt the war. Does she believe that this attack, which turned
media coverage of the war sharply against Israel, was designed to
undercut her mission? Can she be that lame? Michael Freund is also
none too happy with her. Ruth King says President Bush has to answer
for Rice. Scott Johnson says Bush and Rice should stay home. Many NFL
playoff games to watch in January.

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