Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The meaning of life

Tom Brady, quaterback for 15-0 New Englad Patriots football team, and owner of 3 Superbowl rings was interviewed on 60 minutes Sunday. He has a 60 million dollar contract, is dating a supermodel, and is the most popular fellow in Boston and is 30 years old, at the prime of his ability. What struck me was him saying repeatedly that he keeps thinking there must be more. What could be more? And how will he feel when he's 45, a has been, and has 45 more years?

Three bricklayers are building a synagoge. They are asked what they are dojng. The first says he is laying bricks, the second says he is earning a living, the third saying he is helping build the House of the Lord. Which one felt most fulfilled?

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