Friday, December 7, 2007

If intereted in serious Hannukah study

Philip Goodman, The Hanukkah Anthology (This has English texts
many primary sources from postbiblical literature, including Talmud and
Midrash and other sources. It also includes many secondary sources,
medieval and modern.)

Martin Hengel, Judaism and Hellenism: Studies in their
Encounter in
Palestine during the Early Hellenistic Period

Martin Hengel, Jews, Greeks and Barbarians: Aspects of
of Judaism in the Pre-Christian Period.

Louis Feldman, How Much Hellenism in the Land of Israel,

Peter Green, editor, Hellenistic History and Culture, (see esp. chapter 8, Hellenism and
Antiochus IV and the Jews, by Erich S. Gruen,

Lester L. Grabbe, The Jews and Hellenization: Hengel and His

The Historians' Hanukkah, (a
of materials by Bickerman and Tcherikover)

Stanley M. Burstein, The Hellenistic Period in World History,

Albert I Baumgarten, "Elias Bickerman on the Hellenizing
A Case Study of an Unconvincing Case," JQR 97:2 (Spring 2007) 149-179

Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg

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