Sunday, December 30, 2007


What resolutions will we make and keep in 2008?
1. Every day let's get exercise- we can all feel better and be in better shape a year from now Now let's increase our Learn/Live/Love
2. Learn: Talmud Torah is the greatest mitzvah because it leads to all else.Every day learn something Jewish you did not know before. If you are reading this you know how to use a computer so use it to learn because the resources on Jewish subjects are vast. You can watch one video of mine each day. Weekly- commit to read the weekly parasha.
3. Live Jewishly increasg or start one new ritual m itzvah observance each month and keep doing it. Suggestions:
January-Join in a Tubishvat seder or make one if you have not.
February-cut out one trief item permanently. The crabs, lobsters, pigs, oysters etc will thank you.
March- hear the Megillah of Esther read or read it yourself if you can't hear it
April- keep a higher level of Pesah kashrut-change dishes/get rid of your hometz/no hometz in the mouth.
May-Commit to do one more thing to help Israel in honor of her 60th birthday, :plan a trip, (we still have a few spots on our trip) donate more, buy Bonds, pester your Congressman and Senators, join AIPAC, read an Israeli newspaper
June: commit to one more religious service at your local synagogue per week-(if you already go 10x or more, you are exempt. People who attend services more live longer.
July-commit to hamotzei before each meal and at least one paragraph
of Birkat Hamazone
August-Add one Shabbat observance: candles, kiddush Friday, Services, Havdalah, kiddush at lunch, no errands/shopping,
September/October 1.Erect A sukkah if you can/ attend one Sukkot Service at least once
2. Commit to saying at least one bracha unrelated to food daily. Best way to meet God and bring holiness into our day. The siddur has hundreds. Pick one.
November-pick shaharit or minha,or maariv. The last 2 take 10 minutes. Recite one a day. if you need help finding them, let me know.
December: Light the candles every night of Hannukah no matter what

4. Love God and your fellow creatures Jewishly-add a mitzvah a month
January: mediate 10 minutes a day on God. Gail will make videos explaining how
February: Figure out how to love thy neighbor as thyself more
March If you hear someone is sick that you know, offer a prayer for them and call or send a note-
April-if someone is gossiping around you, walk away. If they try and gossip to you, change the subject. Do not curse the deaf or spread richiolos, as the good book says.
May go to that funeral/make that shiva call. Hesed shel emes
June: tell no lies unless its a fib to keep the peace
July: Do not profit from false weights and measures or take bribe
August: Do not put a stumbling block before the blind
September:Love the stranger: Do not oppress the widow, orphan or stranger
October: Eat things that had parents less often-this one is for Gail
November: Make peace between 2 people not at peace
December: Save the world-consume less energy every way you can

Let me know how you did Dec. 31 2008.

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