Sunday, July 29, 2007

Did Jews doctor the Bible as some Muslims say?

Did Jews doctor the Bible as some Muslims say?
Question I got on youtube:
Rabbi Ginsburg, there have been Muslims I have talked to on Youtube, who say that the Jews corrupted the Torah. They use things such as David's sins, Joshua's attack on Jericho,Jacob fighting God and winning, and God resting on the 7th day as evidence. What can we say to that?

One-terms. the Torah is the five books of Moses. David and Josua are in the latter parts of the Bible, not the Torah.
Two-if they say we corrupted the Torah, where is their proof? We have the Torah. Archeological evidence confirms it more and more. They dead sea scrolls confirm more and more. Whatever text they have Quran is from 2700 years AFTER Abraham and fourteen hundred years AFTER Moses so which has a better chance of being right about the events at the time- a book written at the spot or shortly thereafter or one written many hundreds of years later. They have zero evidence for a completely absurd claim.
Three-before the printing press, we had and have very strict rules about copying sacred scrolls. They are checked many times to insure they would be completely accurate and anyone listening would instantly know, at the time, if there was a change.
Four-Muslims kill people and riot if someone says anything negative about their religion. Isn't it then wrong to say that the most sacred documents in Judaism, the Bible, sacred to Christians as well, and the basis of Western Civ. are doctored?
Five-its clear that whoever suggests these examples do not understand the Bible. God resting on the seventh day is not resting as we understand it-its impossible to understand God. Those are human terms to desribe the impossible. And a day to God could be a billion years to us-see my video on jewish time.
six-what evidence do they have for anything in the Quran being true-It was witnessed by one man. The Torah was witnessed by 2 1/2 million and the rest of the Hebrew Bible by countless.
seven-non-fundamentalist Jews know there are things in the Bible which are not accurate-we study them carefully. For example, I don't know what they say about Jericho, but I agree the walls probably did not fall at Joshua's time. I also don't believe the world was made in seven of our days. It wasn't "doctored". as science or to be taken literally.
Eight-If it was doctored, it would have left out the stuff that does not make apparent sense. the fact that was left in proves logically it was no doctored.
All in all-its completely baseless, insulting of the world's oldest, and I think best, religion. It is another of the many efforts of some Muslims to attack Judaism.(more) (less) (Delete) Why can't they just enjoy their religion without attacking others?

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