Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Read this and weep about an Orthodox rabbi:

Read this and weep about an Orthodox rabbi-:

A woman we taught and converted, together with her husband, were in the city and went looking for a Shabbat morning service. They walked into an Orthodox synagogue. The husband led part of the service. Afterwards, the Rabbi invited them back for lunch. According to the husband, the Rabbi kept probing about the wife, until the husband mentioned she had converted with us. The Rabbi then spent the entire rest of the meal, with his family present, telling them that she was not Jewish, that non-Orthodox Rabbis lies, that only Orthodox Judaism is right and that my wife, whom converted Conservative, and is a commited Jew and teacher of Judaism, is not even Jewish. He specifically singled my predecessor and me out as examples of non-Orthodox rabbis who teach lies. Now as far as I now, I have never met this man, he has never heard us teach, does not know my wife at all.
I believe Orthodox Judaism is founded on a few fundamental errors
which make it flawed. There are things about it that are good.
A few of the critical flaws inherent among all Orthodox believers:
1.They think the Torah is entitely written by Moses, dictated by God, That is patently false.
2.They have a fundamental misunderstanding of how Jwish law has changed, can change.
3. Women are treated completely unequally.
4. From this example and many others, many seem to be intolerant and demeaning about nonm-Orthodox Jews

But this is not even the main point
That rabbi sinned in numerous ways:
1. He defamed my wife and me
2. He committed the sin of sinat chinom-hatred of fellow jews
3. He committed a sin described as worse than murder in publicly embarrasing the wife.

I wish this were an isolated case but it happens way to often

I am going to call the rabbi to let him know that I know what happened. These stories need to be told to bring these horrors to light. We have enough challenges without small inded fantatics spewing causeless hatred about fellow teachers of Judaism and shaming innocent and sincere converts to Judaism.

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