Saturday, July 14, 2007

142 videos watched-this note makes it worthwhile

142 videos watched-a message on youtube
"Dear rabbi-
I'd like to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing by posting your videos.
I am a Jew living in Bucharest, Romania. I've watched your videos and I benefited enormously, since growing up in the communist Romania in the 80s made it impossible to get a proper Jewish education. In that age, as the communist regime was getting to the point where it collapsed eventually, it became more and more nationalistic and reclusive. Of course, this also meant more antisemitism and an abrupt fall of the living standard. Therefore, I only learned about Judaism what my father could tell me behind close doors. Only later in my live I tried to learn on my own. My father had died shortly after the fall of the communist regime, but he had given me an old notebook with a few transliterated prayers, so I was able to go to a synagogue and say kodesh.

After watching 142 of your videos I feel like I know you."

As soon as he chooses a major and takes the 100 question test, he will get my first phd-plenty hochma and deah degree from JewU.

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