Thursday, July 26, 2007

Debate on that Orthodox Rabbi

Dear Rabbi,

Your comments below has created a lot of discussion in my household. Some VERY NEGATIVE and some in agreement. The one thing that everyone agreed with is that by your sending out this email you in fact were doing, in another way, what that other Rabbi did to that lady. That is to create a dislike and no tolerance for another point of view, even though you don't agree with his position. We think it would have been better to just call the Rabbi and express your disdain. Not that it would do any good or change his attitude, but then you and he could agree to disagree.

My response

I don't agree, obviously with the negative views. There is a HUGE difference between criticizin, anonomously, a view of sinat chinom and public embarrament, with no criticism of Orthodoxy as a movement of judaism vs his diatribe against non-Orthodox Judaism and the sin of embarrasing someone sitting in front of him. This view among many Orthodox, must be brought to light. Sinat Chinom and public humiliation is a terrible sin. This holier- than- thou attitude among some religious, leads to disaster, as it did in the Second Temple's destruction. Public humiliation is akin to murder. The Torah commands us (Lev, 19) to rebuke when necessary. Its not just that Rabbi, whom I will call, who needs a reminder, but the Jewish people. Maybe those in your family who were upset will also be more attuned when they hear this kind of negativity. My view on this. The view that non-Orthodox rabbis aren't rabbis and teach lies, is prevalent in Israel, and is leading to a crisis in many directions.

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