Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ron Paul anti semitism shows up again

Paul blames Israel, American Middle East policy on the conflict
Paul places the blame in his oped for continued conflict between Israel and the Hamas regime in Gaza in both American Middle Eastern policy and Israel's "imposed inhuman conditions in Gaza" and its "destructive policies." The often-heard complaint that Israel should not have to tolerate hundreds of missiles being fired against it does not impress Paul. "

It was clear from his newsletters that he denied writing that he is an anti semite. This proves it. In humane conditions? They govern themselves. they have one of highest standards of living in Arab world. Onby checkpoints Israel imposes is to stop missiles. Paul is a liar and anti semite

Congressman Ron Paul and the Jews
The New Republic reports that GOP Presidential Candidate Ron Paul published anewsletter containing racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric including a claim that the ...

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