Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Can you enter a Church


I have a question for you.  I have read in a few places that Jews are allowed to enter Mosques because Muslims worship the same God as we do; however, Jews cannot enter Christian churches because they worship multiple gods (the trinity).  The view goes on to point out that attempts at "reaching across the isle" so to speak toward multi-religious and denominational unity is also not in the best interest of Jews and should be avoided.  While I realize that this is a right leaning viewpoint, I was curious to get your input on the topic as the synagogue that is closer to me frequently hosts these kinds of joint events.  On one hand I probably don't agree with the viewpoint that I am not allowed to see my nephew get married in the catholic church, on the other hand I do agree that these kinds of joint events can lead to the erosion of identity which is so critical to Jewish survival.

Answer Yes you can enter a Church. Christians have been viewed as monotheists since the Middle Ages at least. Just don't eat the crackers or drink the wine :-)  Pretty weak self identity if its blown by entering a Church

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