Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I was wrong in 2005

I confess. The Israeli Council General invited the Rabbis to the Chicago consulate in 2005, fed us and showed us a fancy power point that explained why unilateral pullout from Gaza was a good thing and then sent us back to our congregations so sell it, which I did. One member quit over it, saying i was being used and Israel would regret it. I was wrong. My very smart girlfriend teases me that she is a better Zionist because she knew then the Gaza pullout was a mistake Israel would regret. Read this and remember if any liberal tries to sell you on why Israel must hand over the West Bank. Remember too Jordan will probably fall to Muslim Brotherhood within 2 years. Turkey leader today called Israel a terrorist state. 
The Truth about Gaza - Bret Stephens
In 2004 as editor of the Jerusalem Post, and in 2006 in a Wall Street Journal column, I made the case that Israel was smart to withdraw its soldiers and settlers from the Gaza Strip. I was wrong. If Israel had maintained a military presence in the Strip, it would not now be living under this massive barrage.
The diplomatic and public-relations benefit Israel derives from being able to defend itself from across a "border" and without having to get into an argument about settlements isn't worth the price Israelis have had to pay in lives and terror.
Put simply, Israel's withdrawal from Gaza yielded less security, greater diplomatic isolation, and a Palestinian regime even more radical and emboldened than it had been before. (Wall Street Journal)

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