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New video on irreducible dignity of human beings

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My youtube upcoming holiday videos

Videos on upcoming High Holidays

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scary world by anonymous

we Jews live in the most perilous time
> for Jews since the Shoah, a time when Israel is surrounded by enemies and
> when a major Middle Eastern regime has repeatedly promised to obliterate
> Israel and is making the most strenuous efforts to acquire the nuclear
> weapons and delivery systems with which to do it. At the same time, the
> so-called Western "powers" pass toothless UN resolutions whose real message
> is that they will do nothing to stop Iran (in spite of the assurances to the
> contrary given to one of our leading rabbis by a person close to the
> president who possesses the highest national security clearance). Moreover,
> this is a time when highly influential American voices, who always believed
> that the creation of the State of Israel was an "historical mistake," are
> clamoring for "negotiations" with Iran and Iran's clients, Syria, Hamas, and
> Hizbullah, for the sake of a "peace process" that will only prove to be a
> further step in the progressive dismemberment of Israel, and the United
> States, with the approval of its new and untested president, has given $900
> million to Hamas to clean up the mess Hamas brought upon itself by its
> incessant launching of rockets against southern Israel, a time when a craven
> Britain and Scotland have released the mass murderer responsible for the
> death of 259 people on Pan Am Flight 103 and 11 on the ground at Lockerbie,
> Scotland, in all likelihood in exchange for lucrative oil contracts, who
> then received a hero's welcome by Muommar Gaddadi when he arrived in Libya.
> There is much that I could write, but this is enough. To repeat, the
> fundamental issue is Jewish survival in an amoral, hostile world as the
> kindly people who gave "peace in our time" at Munich have once again
> demonstrated their ability to appease and there is apparentl an untested
> President of the United States who is prepared to learn from them.
> DENIAL is arguably the most dangerous of all mechanisms of defense.

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Kiteze 3

kiteze 3

KIteze 1

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It's all about the Journey

It's all about the Journey-title of Sports Illustrated article on the British Open golf tournament at legendary Turnberry

Video on parashat Reah

New idea of Spiritual Health care renewal

High Holiday sermon tidbits

20th anniversary of Field of Dreams movie -"If you build it , he will come" ( culturally has become if you build it, they will come.) Sports Illustrated article July 13. Film Critic Roger Ebert on day film appeared-There is a speech in this movie
about baseball that is so simple and true that it is heartbreaking...Why do they come back from the great beyond and play in that cornfield? Not to make any kind of vast, earth shattering statement. People left the theater crying, thanks to the moment when Ray Kinsella, played by Kevin Costner, turns to his father, another ghost from the cornfield and says "hey Dad, you wanna have a catch." Playing catch with you a step towards becoming a man..its a lovely experience ..the sharing of something sweet.

Useful Items
Michael Jackson death-King of Pop vs King of Kings
His Moonwalk vs 40th anniversary of the real moonwalk

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Jewish mysticism and kabbalah

Question from viewer:

some questions i have hi i wanted to know what is jewish Mysticism and kabbalah like what are the beliefs of both

See my videos on youtube

Gematria Jewish numerology JewU 142
Kabbalah for Today - Installment 1
Kabbalah for Today 2 of 12 JewU 374
Gail's Kabbalah lecture part 1/4
Gail's mystical kabbalistic lecture 2
Gail's Kabbalah lecture part 3/4
Gail's Kabbalah lecture part 4

Do I hate Islam?

Comment from viewer
Just wanted to let you know that I took your video "Obama's Cairo speech good and bad Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg jewu 493" to show 300 of my fellow students in Amsterdam how sick and utterly racist alot of Rabbi's from the USA are these days when it comes to Islam. You're so obviously lying about the core of Islam that it's really sick, so I had to use your video as material to warn people of form Judaism is taking these days.

Normally I salute people but I really don't think you are worth a salute Rabbi.

ME: why don't you worry more about the hatred and vile spouted evry Friday in mosques around the world about killng Jews. worse than nazis. if you watch my video on Islam you see I think Islam at its heart is a decent religion, its just that most of ther world hears only hatred and violence from islam speakers today. We just want to live in peace

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Ekev Olympic lessons learned

Parashat Ekev

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Things you'll hear in my High Holiday sermons

Sports Illustrated stories

Ron Artest Pro basketball player, looking at his rookie card, said "that guy was dumb"-teshuvah

Earl Weaver former baseball coach- Umpira Haller said about him "when the bastard does, they'll have to hire pallbeaers."

40 years in the desert
its been 40 years since
Miracle Mets of 69-7 are now dedad, 23 survive.
Gil Hodges jr, looking over Baltimore Orioles roster of Frank and Brooks robinson, Boog Powell, Jim Palmer asked his dad "How in the world are you going to beat thiose guys?" His father lifted his enormous index finger to his mouth and said Shhhh, I've got 25 guys in that room, (the visitor's clubhouse) who think they can."

40 years Moonwalk-real one not Michael Jackson
Small step for (a) Man, Giant stp for mankind.

Lessons our father's shouldn't teach
evidently Michael Jackson's disfiguring cosmetic changes may be traced to his father telling him he was an ugly child.