Tuesday, August 25, 2009

scary world by anonymous

we Jews live in the most perilous time
> for Jews since the Shoah, a time when Israel is surrounded by enemies and
> when a major Middle Eastern regime has repeatedly promised to obliterate
> Israel and is making the most strenuous efforts to acquire the nuclear
> weapons and delivery systems with which to do it. At the same time, the
> so-called Western "powers" pass toothless UN resolutions whose real message
> is that they will do nothing to stop Iran (in spite of the assurances to the
> contrary given to one of our leading rabbis by a person close to the
> president who possesses the highest national security clearance). Moreover,
> this is a time when highly influential American voices, who always believed
> that the creation of the State of Israel was an "historical mistake," are
> clamoring for "negotiations" with Iran and Iran's clients, Syria, Hamas, and
> Hizbullah, for the sake of a "peace process" that will only prove to be a
> further step in the progressive dismemberment of Israel, and the United
> States, with the approval of its new and untested president, has given $900
> million to Hamas to clean up the mess Hamas brought upon itself by its
> incessant launching of rockets against southern Israel, a time when a craven
> Britain and Scotland have released the mass murderer responsible for the
> death of 259 people on Pan Am Flight 103 and 11 on the ground at Lockerbie,
> Scotland, in all likelihood in exchange for lucrative oil contracts, who
> then received a hero's welcome by Muommar Gaddadi when he arrived in Libya.
> There is much that I could write, but this is enough. To repeat, the
> fundamental issue is Jewish survival in an amoral, hostile world as the
> kindly people who gave "peace in our time" at Munich have once again
> demonstrated their ability to appease and there is apparentl an untested
> President of the United States who is prepared to learn from them.
> DENIAL is arguably the most dangerous of all mechanisms of defense.

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