Friday, August 28, 2009

My youtube upcoming holiday videos

Videos on upcoming High Holidays

Learn the Jewish months of the year JewU325

Intro to Judaism #8 Terms Time/ JewU 226

Jewish understanding of TIME JewU 37

Origins of Jewish holidays JewU 38

Selihote-penitential service prior to Rosh Hashanah JewU 123

Prepare for Rosh Hashanah-Elul JewU 189

Rosh Hashanah Jewish New year JewU 65

High Holiday Bible readings JewU 153

Rabbi stories: shofar, messages, reward JewU 210

Shofar-Ram's horn JewU 94

An Amazing Shofar Ram's Horn Service JewU 233

Repentance-Teshuva in Judaism-Yom Kippur JewU39

How world's smartest person helps with Yom Kippur JewU 163

Yom Kippur Jewish Atonement Day JewU 66

Biblical Book of Jonah-its meaning JewU 152

Origin of Yizkor memorial service JewU 70

Yom Kippur thoughts 5769 Jewu 433 Rabbi Jonathan Ginsb

Books referred to in High Holiday sermon JewU 234

Destination High Holidays JewU 188

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