Monday, August 3, 2009

Things you'll hear in my High Holiday sermons

Sports Illustrated stories

Ron Artest Pro basketball player, looking at his rookie card, said "that guy was dumb"-teshuvah

Earl Weaver former baseball coach- Umpira Haller said about him "when the bastard does, they'll have to hire pallbeaers."

40 years in the desert
its been 40 years since
Miracle Mets of 69-7 are now dedad, 23 survive.
Gil Hodges jr, looking over Baltimore Orioles roster of Frank and Brooks robinson, Boog Powell, Jim Palmer asked his dad "How in the world are you going to beat thiose guys?" His father lifted his enormous index finger to his mouth and said Shhhh, I've got 25 guys in that room, (the visitor's clubhouse) who think they can."

40 years Moonwalk-real one not Michael Jackson
Small step for (a) Man, Giant stp for mankind.

Lessons our father's shouldn't teach
evidently Michael Jackson's disfiguring cosmetic changes may be traced to his father telling him he was an ugly child.

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