Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sukkot jokes

Favorite Sukkot joke
A House on the Roof

Levy built a sukkah on the roof of his apartment building several days before the eight-day holiday of Sukkot began. After the holiday began, the landlord noticed it and demanded that it be removed immediately, claiming it was a violation of the terms of the building lease. Levy refused, telling the landlord that since this was a religious observance, he had the right to build the sukkah there.

The landlord disagreed and took the case to court.

In court, the landlord argued that the sukkah was unsightly, against the terms of the lease, and was a fire hazard. Levy argued that his religious rights would be ignored. The judge, who happened to be Jewish, listened patiently and then offered his verdict.

“I agree with the landlord in this case, and I therefore rule that you have ten days from today to take down your hut.”

—Based on David A. Adler, The House on the Roof: a Sukkot Story. New York: Bonim Books

Here;'s a more subtle one-see if you get it. Will test your Jewish learning
Man comes to rabbi and asks for instructions on how to build a kosher sukkah. rabbi tells him what page of the talmudic tractate of sukkot to read and follow the instructions. Man does it and just as he put up last piece of scoch on top, the whole thing collapses. Thinking he made a mistake, he redoes it to the same result. very frustrated he goes back to the rabbi and explains what happened. the rabbi opens to the talmudic page, studies it for a minute and exclaims" funny, rashi asks the same question."

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