Sunday, September 22, 2013

raising children-the good and bad

1. teens out of control party and ruin home NFL star
Despite the threat of lawsuits by some parents, former NFL star Brian Holloway wants to help keep the teens that wrecked his house from going down a dangerous path.
Ex-NFL Star Attempts to Help Teens Who Wrecked His House
Some parents of the 300 teenagers who broke into former NFL star Brian Holloway’s home while he was out of town are threatening to sue him. That's not stopping Holloway from trying to expose these kids to better role models.
2.  3 Oklahoma Teens Kill Baseball Player Because of 'Boredom'
Rare that you'd see the mainstream media covering a story where a white victim (baseball player) is killed by any minority. But they have in this case.

vs this powerful story

Dairy Queen Customer Steals $20 From Blind Man, Employee Catches Her And Becomes Viral Hero

  • The Inquisitr·4 days ago   
    A Dairy Queen employee has become a viral hero after he confronted an elderly customer who stole $20 from a blind man. The blind man in question didn’t know he had dropped the $20 bill on the floor, which was then…

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