Sunday, February 19, 2012

conversion question

Dear rabbi,
I'm Jewish
I have been reading the Bible and I found that in the book of Genesis, chapter 17 verse 14 it says who ever that doesn't go through circumcision will be torn out of the covenant that God has made between Abraham and his seeds.
My uncle, who was born in the Soviet Union did not have a brit milah(I'm reminding you btw the USSR was an atheist state which forbade religion and most probably my grandfather who did kept important mitzvot probably didn't have someone to perform a brit milah) Does this mean that my uncle isn't Jewish?

If his mother is Jewish then he is Jewish. It is the parent's obligation to circumcise their son. if they don't, then it becomes incumbent on him to fulfill the mitzvah. All msales born in the desert 3200 years ago after Egypt had to be circumcised once they entered the land. many men from the FSU are in the same boat and become circumcised when they arrive, same as uncircumcised males who want to convert

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