Thursday, February 16, 2012

conversion old feet

Got this question. Any comments on an improved answer?
Hi i am looking for some advice , my fiance has started her conversion to judaism but is now getting cold feet. She does not understand why i am putting my religion first before her , ie she feels that i do not love her enough becasue i have not said forget the religion , i love you regardless.
Answer : What about 
I love you with all my heart. Being Jewish and having a Jewish family is very important to me and to share that with my spouse. I believe a united family is crucial and don't want a situation where there are different religions in the family or that we don't prioritize it together. Long term healthy marriage is not just about love. It involves commonality of purpose, shared vision of ultimate beliefs and goals. That is why i, and my family are so exicited you are willing to do this. I hope over time you will love being jewish as much as i do.
She hopefully will also get more into it as she studies. The bet din will want to know she is doing this at that point for herself

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