Friday, January 2, 2009

the truth about Hamas

Letter to Editor Of the Heral Tribune:

Your newspaper had two different editions on Friday January 2. - your in=
ternet Isabel Kershner article was more or less balanced but the hard co=
py I bought in Israel was replaced by an anti Israel diatribe - nothing =
in the front page article explained anything about the destroyed Mosque =
that held other arms sotckpiled. Nothing in the article articulated why =
Israel bombed the Mosque, nor did you explain that Israel warned the fam=
ily, of one of the most wanted terrorists, to leave their house 10 minut=
es before blowing it up - how the family purposely went up on the roof t=
hinking Israel would not strike: how the"big-daddy" terrorist even sent =
his son on a suicide mission! Your IHT is beneath contempt. Both Kirshne=
r and Erlanger should expose the editorial and news policies that use Je=
ws as "news shields" so that your editors can use the ugliest stories fo=
r the front page. Your journalism is beneath contempt - Yitzchak Richard=
Yellin aka Abdul Hakim - Netanya Israel

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