Friday, January 23, 2009

Questions and answers

Dear Rabbi,

I have some scattered questions:

Q. Is there any official literature for Rachel's Tumb? I have learnt that the place
is as important as the Western Wall. Would Rachel be the equivalent of
a Catholic "Saint"?

A. see

does not have=status to Western Wall. Recent article in jerusalem report mag. says many dispute if she is really in there.

Q. In the prayer's book is there a specific pray for fertility/pregnancy? I am hoping
to be blessed with more children.-
A.Tikva Frymer Kensky wrote a book Motherprayer. Chapter 2 is about that.

Q. Another question is Adam. Officially Judaism starts with the patriarch Abraham, but
before that there was Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, many other generations and G-d
interacted with them, so they knew Him. Why Adam is not the first official Jew?

A. He wasn't Jewish. No covenant with him. Read Genesis 12 and 15 to see the officail brit with God and Abraham

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