Friday, January 23, 2009

Questions and answers

Hello, Rabbi Jonathan.

Q. I've noticed that some substitute "G-d" for "God." Doing a bit of
research it appears that writing His name is itself a sacred act,
preferably done properly and on proper paper.

What is the history of this action? What is the guidance on writing His
name? Do those recommendations apply also to YHVH and Adonai, for example?

A. I don't worry about God since that is not God's name. We never throw out or burn anything that has any name of God in Hebrew. We bury it eventually. Some take a more strict approach, as you note.

I joined the American Jewish Historical Society the other day, and I'm
looking forward to the gift of books they included with my level of
membership. I can't get enough on Jewish American history. Do you have
any recommendations?

A. best book is Prof Jonathan Sarna American Judaism

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