Thursday, January 31, 2008

From Richard Baehr

1. Continuing our recent tradition at American Thinker of avoiding
controversial subjects (yeah, right), my article today on the Gang
of 14. As with every other article I have written about John McCain,
the reaction to it in the blogosphere makes clear that for some in
the conservative movement, it is inappropriate to say the word McCain
without adding the word devil. I am not that kind of conservative.

2. Melanie Phillips laces into supposedly "moderate" PA leader
Mahmoud Abbas for his eulogy of mass murdering arch-terrorist
George Habash

3. an interview with the author of : In Praise of Prejudice

4. David Hornik on the jihadist threat in Sinai. Leslie Susser on
Israeli options in Gaza. Zvi Mazel on Egypt's options. Daniel Pipes
says give Gaza to Egypt.

5. Judea Pearl talks about his son

6. Palestinians can be industrious. At making bombs.,1518,531578,00.html

7. Michel Oren on Israel's disaster in Lebanon

8. Ali Abunimah, founder of the electronic intifada, tells us what
Palestinian haters of Israel want to see in our next President. .
They want Obama, if he adopts the views he held a few years back on
the issue. This latest Obama initiative- a summit with the Muslim
nations, seems pretty naive, reinforcing the not ready for prime
time angle. . Get one American in the room with 56 Muslim leaders
(Ahmadinejad too?) ,and guess who will dominate the conversation with
their grievances?

9. My favorite story on what happened in Gaza/Sinai: The Palestinians
bought a lot of goods from the Egyptians with play money. I like the
idea- let us make sure that all future international aid to the PA
and Hamas is also play money.

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