Sunday, July 20, 2014

Provide context

Please please please make the contextual points when posting about Gaza. The media usually doesn't and just counts dead Gazans.
1. this would be over in one minute if Hamas would stop sending killer missile indiscriminate targets in Israel and stop building tunnels to sneak in terrorists to kill Israelis WARCRIME 2. Hamas causalities exacerbated hugely by their WARCRIME using human shields and terrorizing their population 3. Obama should NEVER have held secret talks with these terrorists for past 6 months 4. Israel totally evacuated Gaza years ago and all they do with the freedom was try and kill Israelis and destroy the great infastructure Isreal left them 5. Palestinians schools teach 5 year olds to want to kill Jews CHILD ABUSE 6. No nation has ever tried harder to prevent civilian casualties than Israel 7. Hamas has bomb shelters, they just use them as smuggling tunnels 8. Hamas is proxy terrorists for host Iran

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