Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hamas sends missiles, israel defends citizens

Many criticize Israel's actions while glossing over the necessity for them. As we pray for the safety of the Israel Defense Forces and innocent civilians on both sides of this conflict, we must not be silent. We must know our facts and speak out in Israel's defense. Israel must not be condemned for doing what any responsible government would do to protect its citizens from terror. We must not permit Israeli defense to be equated with Hamas aggression. The world says Israel should act proportionally. Does that mean Israel should do the same and fire 450 rockets indiscriminately into Gaza? Instead Israel will go in, risking all the young lives, and try and find the terrorists one by one, while they hide behind children and shot from mosques and hospitals What can we do? 1. Spiritually pray and do mitzvote. It pleases God 2. Send talking points to all your friends 3. Stay knowledgeable. Subscribe to the one page daily It is a digest of news and commentary about Israel and the Middle East, published for Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations 4. The U.S. House of Representatives passed under unanimous consent a resolution affirming “United States support for the State of Israel as it defends itself against unprovoked rocket attacks from the Hamas terrorist organization.” The resolution, spearheaded by Reps. Steve Israel (D-NY) and Tom Cole (R-OK), explicitly holds Hamas responsible for its incessant violence against our ally. With this resolution, the entire House has called on Hamas “to immediately cease all rocket and other attacks against Israel.” The fact that the House of Representatives has declared unequivocal support for Israel today speaks volumes about our work together. No other government in the world is sending a more powerful message. The U.S. Senate is preparing to vote on a similar resolution next week. Please urge your senators to join with the House in declaring their support for Israel 2. If in USA, CALL or EMAIL your Senator/Congressman Call (202) 225-3121 Senate and House members can be reached through the Capitol switchboard E-mail your Senator As Hamas continues to target Israeli civilians, it is critical for the United States to reaffirm its support for its ally Israel, including its right to live in peace and to defend itself. The lead sponsors for the Senate resolution (S.Res.498) are Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Kelly Ayotte (R-NH), and Charles Schumer (D-NY). Sample Phone Script: "I am calling the Senator to urge him/her to cosponsor and vote for the resolution defending Israel's right to self-defense and condemning the unprovoked rocket attacks against innocent Israeli civilians." Background More than 11,000 rockets have been fired into Israel since the Jewish state unilaterally withdrew from the Gaza Strip in 2005. After enduring more than 500 rocket attacks from Gaza in the past two weeks, Israel has launched Operation Protective Edge to defend its citizens. Israel made multiple efforts to defuse the situation with Hamas, but was rebuffed repeatedly. Hamas is intent on killing, maiming, and terrorizing innocent Israeli civilians wherever they live or work. Hamas has targeted Israelis in numerous cities, including the major population centers of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, putting the majority of Israelis at risk. Talking Points The United States must stand with Israel as it takes steps to defend its people. Israel made every effort to avoid hostilities, but Hamas’ aggression left it with no choice but to respond. The deliberate targeting of innocents by Hamas is an unacceptable act of terror that no country can tolerate. Hamas has approximately 10,000 rockets and the majority of Israelis live within rocket range. Virtually all of Israel is now under attack by Hamas, with over 100 rockets falling daily now. Hamas has shot thousands and thousands of missiles at any target in Israel, AFTER Israel pulled out totally from Gaza. In recent days, once again, they shoot hundreds. NO COUNTRY ON EARTH would stand for this. Golda said in 1957, before the National Press Club in Washington: Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us. How this culture of death is found to be manifests: -Palestinian mom wishes all her 10 sons would be suicide bombers. -Abbas routinely honors and praises terrorist murderers of Jews not true the other way around -Fatah, in UNITY government with Hamas, is just as bad. -the kidnap and murder of the 3 boys was widely celebrated in Palestinian territories Not true the other way around -Hamas, an official part of Palestinian govt. has a charter which calls for death of Jews not true the other way around -Palestinian curriculum teaches 5 year olds songs about killing Jew s Not true the other way around -The survey asked about suicide bombing as a specific form of militant violence and found the highest support for it in the Middle East at 46 percent in Gaza and the West Bank, Not true the other way arund -Palestinians use human shields to encourage civilian casualties and shoot missiles from hospitals and mosques They want their own civilians to die VS Prior to striking a building in the Gaza Strip, the IDF warns its inhabitants using a procedure called "Knock on the roof," in which forces fire a small mortar at the target to indicate the imminent attack and signal those inside to flee before hitting it with full force. Hamas wants to maximize their own civilian casualties. What kind of monsters are these? Of course their goal is to have western media report on civilian causalities. "In the past, this merely meant putting missile launchers next to schools, hospitals, and mosques as well among civilian homes in the densely populated strip. But as Israel has stepped up its efforts to try and spare civilians even as it seeks to silence the terrorist fire, Hamas has also increased its efforts to ensure that as many inhabitants of Gaza as possible are hurt in the fighting. As reports, speaking on Tuesday on Hamas’s Al Asqua-TV in Gaza, the group’s spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri urged the population of the strip to refuse to heed warnings and to use their bodies to shield Hamas facilities: The talk of defending “Palestinian homes” with “bare chests” is an allusion to the fact that instead of evacuating buildings after IDF warnings, Palestinians have instead surged into them in an effort to either deter the attack or to incur the maximum casualties from the attack. VS Israel’s amazing humanitarianism Despite Hamas' nonstop rocket attacks from Gaza onto Israeli civilians, Israel continues sending truckloads of food and supplies into Gaza, and treats wounded and sick Palestinians in Israeli hospitals. -Palestinians send hundreds of missiles at indiscriminant targets aimed to kill as many Jews as possible niot true th other way around -Nuclear terrorism-sent missiles to Dimona to try and strike nuclear facility. NOTE: notable development (reported here) in Hamas’s war against Israel: “Yesterday Hamas launched – and then bragged about launching – three long-range M75 rockets targeting Israel’s nuclear reactor in the city Dimona. Iron Dome had to knock one of the rockets out of the sky; the other two landed in open areas.” Omri comments: “A terrorist attack against a nuclear reactor is straightforwardly defined as nuclear terrorism by the UN’s 2005 International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism. This isn’t a close, debatable interpretation. It’s part of the black-letter definition at the very top of the convention[.]” Hamas is likely to try again; if they succeed, writes Omri, they will have pulled off against an Israeli city what the UN considers to be an act of nuclear terrorism: “The Israeli reaction to an unconventional terror attack is impossible to completely foresee, but it’s safe to say that Israel’s missile defense system prevented a catastrophe yesterday.” Now what might a “reasonable” response look like? -Most Arab nations hope Israel will DESTROY Hamas -How many Arab propagandists just lie and lie

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